Upcoming Ninja is a platform for early/idea stage startups to promote themselves and get new users.

Why we do?
Building a startup has always been an exhausting task, especially when someone comes up with a new startup idea, it takes a lot of effort for it to get early users, basic publicity and a validation if the idea will work or not.

What we do?
We’re trying to make it easy for idea stage or early stage startups. As soon as an entrepreneur is convinced that s/he is proceeding with an idea, we help them by getting their startup listed at our platform making it easy for our users to discover it as well as help the entrepreneurs with getting some early press/publicity.

How Can you get the best out of Upcoming Ninja?
To being with get you startup listed atUpcoming Ninja, signup using Facebook and then list your company on the platform. If you want us to interview you about your startup discussing its products and services, register for Interact and we’ll be happy to spread you startup’s story.

Still have questions? Check our FAQs